Node 1 Reflection

I had some mixed results with Node 1, finding some of it very interesting and useful to learn from and some of it rather challenging to wrap my head around. The algowave material we covered such as “The Soft Truth” and the episode of Black Mirror I found to be highly thought-provoking, and then there was working with StoryFace, even though I was never able to get it to work on my computer we had a lot of fun playing around with it in class and creating our own character.

Then there were the Code Practice exercises, which were a bit of a struggle to say the least. I think I got a better idea of how to properly format the script as I went along, but I still had trouble with it as each time I figured one thing out, there was a new process to learn. I suppose that I can only continue to learn more throughout the course of the semester and it will begin to make more sense to me, much like learning a foreign language.

All in all I’ve been enjoying DGST 395 thus far and am excited for what Node 2 brings.

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